Thursday, January 05, 2017


Say adios to short waits at an ER.  If the GOP actually pulls 17 million people off of medical insurance rolls, the only place for them to go for medical care are the emergency rooms.  They are already over burdened by the folks who couldn't even afford policies under Obama's plan.  And of course Obama gets all the blame when in fact it is the medical industrial complex and its profiteers who are causing these rampaging costs.

Case in point.  I went to my dermatologist yesterday for a check up and prescription for some of that face cream that would remove sun damage from my face.  Turns out I didn't need any, which is good.  It used to be that stuff cost anywhere from $9 to  $40 a tube.  Now it is up to $300.   That is big pharma at work.  If the revolution comes those CEOs should spend the rest of their lives emptying bed pans in Veterans hospitals.  (If the GOP doesn't close them too.)

Of course ABQ is one of the locales that Macy's will close one of their stores.  It is not a city that retailer sees a future in.  If there were good economic fortunes in store for the state and region, they would stay and make money.  But at this point Albuquerque and New Mexico look like a poor bet for any relief on the jobs and disposable income front.  Total lack of political leadership is the reason.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

The solution to our medical care problems is simple - socialized medicine. It's sometimes called single payer, Medicare for all, but it's socialism just like Social Security is and just like our military is, although that's being privatized more and more with disastrous results; because of that and because military contractors are so rich they've bought and paid for congress and the presidency we've been in a war almost the entire time since WWII. For the last 25 years straight. We now have eight wars going and it's getting worse. A good part of the establishment wants to go to war against Russia and Iran and the rest want war with China.

As for the health care though, Obama "took single payer off the table" when Obamacare was being debated in congress and none of our New Mexico elected officials have done anything to promote the idea and never will, despite the fact that it actually has majority approval among the populace. But then Democrats don't really represent that demographic any more.

The Roswell Sears is on the list of stores that are closing. If we're lucky maybe Mexico will start locating some factories here.