Friday, August 26, 2011


The Governor was on the front page above the fold of the Journal today, and all over TV news broadcasts. It got big coverage since it was an easily accessible story requiring little effort. She is selling the state's small jet plane to a couple from Alaska who will use it to visit family.  Yes, the Governor wants you to know that one couple from Alaska can now see the grandkids but New Mexico can't afford a jet plane to fly and meet with economic development prospects.  Our mean Governor says she only needs to use the smaller prop planes cause they do just fine within the state.  (This is true.)

What I want to see is the Governor stepping out of the state jet with the CEO of a major Company to announce 1000 new good paying jobs for New Mexicans.  But that would be a positive thing and we know she is the Queen of Negative.

Actually, her administration has been doing a very poor job of working on economic development and job creation.  The media just ignores it because doing a story like that is hard to dig out.  Why is she not constantly on the road trying to do bring in some jobs?  Of course it is hard in these times, but doesn't that mean you redouble your efforts?


Vicki said...

Good question. What has Susanna Martinez done in the past 8 months to promote New Mexico and get new jobs here? I know she has created a lot of new jobs for her political appointees (although it usually means replacing another person who is terminated). I wonder if the chef, pilot, and jet mechanic she's laid off have found new jobs yet? She's trying very hard to get immigrant workers fired by removing their driver's licenses. Maybe that will "create" a job opening -- surely in these times they can find someone unemployed who wants to work as a gardener, farm laborer, nanny, maid, ranch hand, restaurant worker, or laborer for minimum wage and no benefits or worker protections.

Bubba Muntzer said...

If everyone led with the same story at once, someone in the governor's press office must be dancing around their desk right now.

And what happens to money like that? Does it go into her private slush fund, as did, it appears, the $120k our Republican mayor saved by Darren White's resignation?

I can make no sense of his explanation for this. Can you? You probably at least know what he's talking about.