Monday, August 15, 2011


 I have some friends who watched the so called Republican presidential debate the other night.  I just could not do it.  It is to early.  Nor could I watch any news coverage.  I did see a headline that said Bachmann and Paul had come in first and second in a straw poll of Iowans.  There is only 4000 of them involved in this and yet they seem to chase people with brains out of the race.  Like that Pawlenty guy.

I think all of these people who attend the Iowan state fair and eat deep fried snickers candy bars may actually not be responsible for their actions as a result of sugar and fat metabolising in their brain cells.  The two people who hate government the most are winners.  My wife Bobbi is convinced the American public really does not understand what services they get from government.  I think it is worse than that.  I think they don't care.  At least until they lose them.

The Albuquerque Journal repeated the same story for the 20th time on the front page on Sunday.  You know, that one where state investment funds and sweetheart deals resulted in some people getting rich and the state not getting much at all.  I mean, how many times can this be written and not read by the dwindling pool of subscribers?

President and Obama and his team are pondering getting more aggressive in their dealings with tea party types.  They are thinking that these folks don't want to compromise.  It is enough to make one cry isn't it?

State, County and City governments need to start doing some serious planning now that all stimulus funds are being exhausted.  Working in local government is going to get a hell of a lot tougher. It will be interesting to see how bad it may be one year from now.

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Abq Dude said...

Just ended my subscription to the Journal. It was always old news and advertisements.