Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hermes the Cat

We had a big moral dilemma around here for the last day.  Our beloved cat Hermes didn't come home yesterday morning.  Late in the evening our neighbor called to say he was in their front yard and was injured.  Quick trip to the emergency clinic and it was diagnosed as a broken hip.  In cats this is easily remedied, but expensive.  Normally, I am pretty pragmatic about this kind of thing, but we have grown very attached to our gatos.  Would this money be better spent on charity?

I called our neighbor who found Hermes to give her an update and she said, "Hermes is a member of your family.  Of course you will spend the money!"   And that gave us the perspective we needed.  So Hermes is in surgery and will come home tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you hesitated for even one second. I am also retired, but my dogs' health and well being come first, even if it is very expensive! They are my family. You may want to consider making your cats indoor cats.

Rodney said...

MY cat never goes outside. Never.
They just aren't car savvy which is the most likely cause of Hermes' injury. My best to him and you.