Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night Bobbi and I went to see the movie "Our Idiot Brother."  It is about trust and honesty and was a sweet little comedy with no violence or special effects.  A real change.

Now, I would like to be honest about my feelings on the Obama administration.  Yesterday, I opined that I probably would not vote for him again.  I am being honest about that, but the qualifying word is probably.  Some commenters brought up issues like Supreme Court vacancies being filled by republicans in the next term.  That is pretty terrifying.  But I will not send money or volunteer for Obama unless he starts doing things really differently.  Of course I am a person who is concerned with public land issues, water issues, energy issues and climate change.  There is not exactly a great track record by Obama on any of these and energy and climate especially.  I also just can not stand his appeasement of the rightwing.  It is cowardly.  So, how is he any different than a republican so far?  Isn't it easier to fight a real opponent than someone who is supposedly a friend?

This is not a silly thought process.  I know others who think this way and it is tragic.

On another issue of honesty, I am seriously suggesting that the Albuquerque Journal acquire a new editor.  I say this because after talking with many folks in the know it appears that the Publisher, Tom Lang, is no longer really involved in the paper.  So it is the editor calling the shots.  Mostly for the right wing.   I am tired of seeing the once respectable paper being turned over to the Rio Grande Foundation and their oil and gas industry funders.  Today the neo con group had their second major oped in a week.  This time they want to shut down the Rail Runner.  The column ended with a statement that the only good thing in the economy right now is the oil and gas industry.  So of course they don't want to see public transportation.


Abq Dude said...

One only needs to go to the national blogs like Huffington Post and Daily Kos to see many liberal commenters discouraged with the President over any number of issues. I'm frustrated myself, but I will vote for Obama just to keep the Teabag/Evangelist influence out of the WH and making public policy.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that the far left wing of the Democratic party is out to sink a second term for Obama.

Look at the web site Democracy for New Mexico where the person who publishes is actually telling some Democrats to go to the Republicans.

I do not understand this way of thinking. Even if they switch at the last minute and decide to vote for Obama instead of staying home or voting for the GOP, the damage has been done.

Ok, then said...

Oil and gas killed trolleys, and I guess before they're done, they'll finish off the train. That's one reason I won't pay for the Journal. They can't find one good thing to say about public transportation. This weekend hundreds of people will go to the Wine Festival in Bernalillo - safely - on the train. I commute to work on the train. That doesn't matter one bit to the Journal; they don't print MY letters. Sorry to rant, but this really rankles.

Vicki said...

I also saw Our Idiot Brother last week. Very sweet and entertaining.
Now re: President Obama. First of all, you need to give this man credit for what he has achieved under difficult conditions. His decisions and positions have reversed the dangerous reactionary trend of the US. His appointments have been overwhelmingly positive for America and his foreign policy has brought our great country back to a place of respect in the world community. He has successfully passed health care reform that impacts millions in a positive way. He has successfully led on issues of equality AND made meaningful changes. Having read The Audacity of Hope", I knew he was a pragmatist first and foremost. Americans voted for him overwhelmingly to see a change in our political process. Some voted for him with larger expectations. He governs to achieve real progress not just to issue rhetorical politically correct statements with no achievements. Can he govern with the split Congress? Was he so damaged by the right wing lies since 2008 that he cannot lead on progressive issues? Why was Rep. Alan Grayson defeated in 2010 although his rhetoric was staunch and pure? Because Democrats stayed home and didn't campaign for him. Defeating Obama is easy enough if Democrats and liberal inependents don't help to get him and other Democrats elected by working on the campaigns. This is what happened in 2010. I am not saying Obama made no mistakes, but indeed, we are far better with him as our President that ANY Republican. Only the Left can defeat Obama in 2012, by their fracturing over single issues that they hold as a litmus test for their support. The Right wins when they have ground down the people so that they give up. Change, as you know, Mr. Baca, is hard. Giving up is easy. I did this after 1968 and only came back to work for political candidates because of Barack Obama. I don't regret it for a minute.

Jim Baca said...

I am beginning to think he is incompetent. This latest mess over his joint session speech feels amateurish. It was unnecessary and once again hurt his effectiveness. That is why I am upset. Along with the whole Afghanistan thing he cant extradite us from. I know the realities of politics. It is hard but when you show an inability to get your polices adopted then one can only wonder.