Monday, August 01, 2011


Once again the rich get away with murder.  No repeal of the bush tax cut for the rich in the debt ceiling deal announced last night.  There should be rioting in the streets by the middle and lower class.  The budget cuts will not hurt the rich, only the middle class and the poor.  Not exactly a shared pain philosophy.  It is outrageous and hard to stomach.  But the people just sit around like dumb cows and accept it.

Hector Balderas, NM Dem candidate for Senate. was asked on TV the other night what he thought of the budget impasse in DC.  His answer was indicative of how he might act if elected.  Instead of saying something insightful he said, "Senators and Congressman should not get paychecks until things are fixed."   This is just sound bite drivel and shows no real grasp of the issue.  I know he is probably smarter than this, but the spin doctors will run his life it appears.  He should fire who ever advised him to say that.

A friend called me last night and said that the Republicans and Democrats would have a joint dinner tonight to celebrate the deal on the budget.  The GOP will be served baloney and the Dems will be served chicken.

This whole thing with former Albuquerque Public Safety Chief Darren White will grow a life of its own.  Everyone should not waste time on it now that he  has packed his bags.  There are many other things the City Council and Mayor need to be working on.  The bottom line is that White's wife should have been tested for DUI or drugs on that traffic stop.  Period.

I had to take Hermes and Ajax the Cats to the vet this morning for their shots.  They are a little miffed at me.  They are both in good shape although Hermes the chow hound may need to go on low calorie food soon.  He is bumping up against the weight limit for him.  Two hundred bucks later and I walk out the door.  They are worth it though.  They bring us body parts from their hunting expeditions every single night.  In the morning I have to do corpse control through out the house.  Mostly giant moths but also half eaten tomato worms.  Bleahh.


Greg Smith said...

My cat Saturn brings me live crickets, sometimes she puts them in my shoe. She also kills scorpions so I don't complain.

Abq Dude said...

Yes, rioting in the streets! I'm amazed at how much the poor and middle class don't seem to care anymore, or have just given up with the politics in Washington. It's too bad, because these are the folks who put Obama in office, and who are likely to give up voting for him in 2012.

Anonymous said...

What, no decapitated mice? Your cats are slackers!

Bubba Muntzer said...

John Nichols of The Nation, who is pretty reliable, has a new article on the bill and the wrangling over whether it will even pass. Progressives detest it, and many Democratic House members have already come out strongly against it. If enough tea baggers vote against it, it could fail. Michelle Bachman says she will vote no.

Nichols basically echoes what you said. It is a terrible deal for working Americans, terrible for the economy, terrible for Democrats. Obama totally caved. To tea baggers.

He also has a link where you can see the current "whip count," i.e., who the whip in each party has lined up already and who has already said no.

New Mexico's brave legislators are not on either list, so they have not committed yet. Expect them to emerge from their hiding places under their desks later this evening to find out which way the wind is blowing. Which is usually how they do it.

I heard Nichols talking to Thom Hartman on the radio and there, he said that under this bill, this will all come up again in December, just before the Iowa caucuses. In other words, the Republicans have Obama exactly where they want him. Expect him to cave faster and deeper then.

Harry Reid can share in the blame.

I don't know this Balderas, but he sounds like he'd be a perfect replacement for what we've got up there now. Someone just filling a seat. I have not heard one word out of any Democratic NM legislator, and I am on all their email lists. Not one word. Working Americans, retirees, the economy, their own party, have just been sold down the drain by the president and as far as I can see none of them even lifted a finger.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I didn't say one thing right. I'm on the email lists of my own representatives, Bingaman, Udall and Heinrich. None of them have sent out any emails on this, and I have not read any comments from them anywhere else. If Ben Ray Lujan has sent out any emails on it, I don't know about it. I haven't read any comments by him anywhere.

And no, I'm not any less po'd than before. I'm more.

Jim Baca said...

Many Mice and birds. But no birds recently since I stopped feeding them. I think all the mice nearby have now been consumed.