Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Albuquerque City elections are just a matter of weeks away.  As  usual no one seems to care since it is a council only election.  Bloggers seem to be the only ones that talk about it.  It is all so boring and incumbents almost always win their council races.  It will be the same this year even if bad boy Greg Payne is trying to return to the council.  His last gig with the city was as Marty Chavez's transit director.  He did an okay job there much to my surprise.  Having him back on the city council would be a disaster for Mayor Berry.  Greg doesn't play well with anyone.

Berry is getting rocked pretty hard by the police department problems.  The media will not lay off him, rightfully so, until the leadership changes at the department.  Berry is reluctant because he has probably forged a good friendship with the Chief.  It is always hard to fire a friend.  It could cause real problems for Berry two years from now.

I am just not going to get off this issue of the Albuquerque Journal Editor censoring the "non Sequitur" comic strip because it made fun of the plight of the publishing industry.  Is this a case of Paranoia?  I mean really....Come on already, will someone in the media outside the Journal just ask the editor why he felt it was important to do this.  Actually, I think this is an important bit of information to know.  This is the guy who uses ink by the barrel after all.


Anonymous said...

"It is always hard to fire a friend"??? Are you kidding me as a former Mayor?? Law enforcement is not about friendship, it is about holding people accountable for their actions and doing what is right. Schultz's loyalty is only to himself and is not about friendship.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who easily fires a friend is a prick....you may have to do it, but it is unpleasant.