Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Cat Updates

When I came into our house from a pleasant game of golf today I was reminded of some of my old catholic teachings. Specifically the Seven Acts of Mercy that we learned as second graders.  One of the Acts is "Visit the Sick".  Today Ajax the Cat spent some serious time grooming the injured Hermes the Cat on our bed.  I am not sure how Hermes the Cat got up there, but Ajax went right along to care for him.  Hermes is doing pretty good when you think one week ago he got partially squashed.  His broken hip was operated on and after he came out of his five day stupor on some pretty powerful pain killers he is now acting like Hermes the Cat again.  Except he limps a little.

I encourage you to follow the link above to the Seven Acts of Mercy and then think of the Republican Congressmen in DC.

Also, my friends at Albuquerque Journal Watch came up with a good one today.  I had noticed this issue when I attempted to read one of my favorite comic strips this morning.

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