Friday, August 05, 2011

August in New Mexico

I went out for an early game of golf today.  On the way home this cloud buildup presented it self over the Jemez Mountains.  It was incredibly beautiful up against blue skies.  The awful weather we had this spring is forgotten as we enter the best time of year to live in the Land of Enchantment.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I saw those clouds. They were quite spectacular.

To the reader: I recommend you take a look at this picture. You may at first look at it and say 'Where's all the clouds?' 'Why didn't he just take a picture of clouds?'

If you blow the picture up it reveals more detail in the cloud and enhances the contrast between the blue and white. It's a very striking picture. But then as you look at it awhile you begin to get the full effect of how he framed it. It has to do with the light dancing around all those little leaves, and the way the contrast between light and dark areas in the leaves works with the similarly contrasting areas of light and dark in the cloud, and also with the way the branches reach upward. It all goes into giving it it's balance and harmony, of course, but it also all somehow bridges or compensates for the vast distance between the trees and the cloud.

It's really incredible how the two can stay in the same frame, but they do, and the cloud seems like it's about ready to roll right up to the trees or maybe just march past on the other side of them.

I can't explain it all but it's remarkable. And of course those little guys at the top. Perfect.

I give you a hard time about your golf sometimes, but if golf is the price we have to pay for pictures like this, then play golf.