Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wells Fargo Bank will start charging $3 a month for their local customers to get their own money out of an ATM.  ATMs were designed to replace human employees and save money, thus driving up profit.  Only a banker could think to do test marketing like this in New Mexico.  This city is one of the poorest in the country when it comes to poverty and this is their answer to it.  Screw the little guy.  They are doing this because the government said they were overcharging their business clients.

If I were a reporter I would ask the Governor what she thinks of the young Mexican National man who saved a little girl this week after witnessing her kidnapping.  He is the kind of guy Martinez is targeting in her war on undocumented workers with drivers licenses.  The really guilty party here is the Albuquerque Journal who supports her policy.  Are they afraid to ask the question for fear there may be a backlash against their editorial policy?

I think it is time that Mayor Berry calls for some new leadership at the Albuquerque Police Department.  These continuous revelations of problem officers is at the point of making you run from the police instead of towards them for help.

Finally, you must read this as it puts this nation's economic crisis into perspective from a political and policy standpoint.  Then you will know what to do in the elections next year.


Anonymous said...

She is not targeting "Mexican nationals" that are here legally. Only those here illegally and adding to the burden on those Americans that follow this countries laws. As far as the $3 fee wells Fargo is imposing, i have already changed banks, I suggest everyone else does as well!

DG said...

Not to lend support to Wells' b.s. move Jim, but I don't believe ATM transactions will be affected by the new fee...only debit card transations at points of sale.

Michelle Meaders said...

Here's what I found:
"Wells Fargo, the nation's second-largest bank by deposits, will charge a $3 fee for debit and automated-teller-machine cards as of Oct. 14 in several states if such cards are used for purchases, but not for ATM usage. The bank said it is a pilot program, and it will monitor how people respond.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. has been testing a fee in a small market in Wisconsin since February. Other banks, such as Regions Financial Corp. and SunTrust Banks Inc., decided recently that debit cards for some of their checking-account customers will carry a $4 and $5 monthly fee, respectively."

Move your money, preferably to a Credit Union!