Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idea for the Governor

Yesterday I mused about the Governor's negative image making for the State in the New York Times.  It also appeared in the Los Angeles Times in another form.  The evils of the undocumented having driver's licenses.  Now she is being sued by her own state legislators for this pogrom.

But I have an idea on how the Governor could get some good publicity for the Land Of Enchantment.  She could start a PR campaign in major media about how safe it is to live in New Mexico!  I mean when was the last time anyone was chased from their high rises by an earthquake?  When were the last fatalities or injuries from a hurricane?  How many folks have died in floods in the last 50 years?  You get the picture I think.  It would be a fun PR campaign that could let everyone know what our immigrants, American and Foreign(legal and illegal) know, and that is what great weather we have.  Except for those spring winds.

But, as I have said before the extreme right wing that pulls our former prosecutor and now governor's strings just cant stand to do anything but scare the beejesus out of people.  So this idea is a non starter for them.


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Jim. Martinez should plug NM a little...I haven't seen much of that yet. Anyway, immigration is national policy and should be dealt with sooner rather than later. It my view it should take no more than a couple of weeks to attain citizenship. If that were the case, we would have a lot fewer illegal aliens. There would have to be some strings attached though.

Vicki said...

These angry, selfish, arrogant politicians are damaging America, not immigants (legal or illegal). They are so consumed with fear and fear-mongering that they can't see the forest for the trees. They make stupid policy decisions and spread lies and half-truths to attain partisan political goals. They promote anxiety amid a climate of economic distress and uncertainty. This does not serve our state nor our nation. Business needs stability and confidence. People need jobs to earn money that helps businesses grow. The negative, high anxiety message of many Republican politicians has but one goal: to defeat Barack Obama and Democrats in their efforts to recover our economy. Certainly driver's licenses issued to illegal immigrants are not the reason our economy is bad. The speculative actions of Wall Street and the practices of the banks and mortgage companies and the irresponsible fiscal and foreign policy of primarily Republicans in 2001-2008 were the chief causes of our economic crisis. The way forward requires unity of effort by ALL political parties to build confidence, balance the budget FAIRLY, reduce long-term expenditures gradually so as not to harm our recovering economy with huge immediate cuts of federal programs that require huge layoffs (e.g. LANL, DoD, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, etc.), reform the tax code so that adequate revenues are raised fairly to keep America strong, reform immigration by implementing the DREAM Act as the first step. Immigrants built this country and are needed still to keep America #1. Xenophobes like Martinez and Steve Pearce do not speak for the majority of New Mexicans. Most of us who live in New Mexico love this state because of its tolerance and its diversity.

Rodney said...

Uh, not a particularly good idea, unless all those moving here bring their own water. IN fact, I think we've already seen that affect. After every major freeze-their-@$$es-off winter, after every major hurricane, after every big earthquake, we get emigrants from the rust belt, from the gulf states or from California. And there's not enough fresh water as it is, with more people AND climate change, our golf courses are going to be very brown in the future.