Thursday, August 04, 2011

Life in Hell

I know some folks that went to work for the Obama administration.  One of them, former County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta has now applied for the Bernalillo County Manager job back here on the Rio Grande.  It speaks volumes for how life must be for Obama appointees in the nation's capitol.

They went in with the expectations that things would really be changing on the Washington scene. Much like I did in 1993 when I went to serve in the first Clinton administration as Director of the Bureau of Land Management.  Of course, it all came down to one thing in those jobs.  That was, "don't make waves that will upset the reelection boat."  I wasn't a babe in the woods back then.  I expected Clinton would do something like that.  But to see Obama do it after his inspiring campaign really suckered me.

I know some of the the Obama appointees right now feel like they are living in hell. Others just care about 'being there'.  Some just feel committed to staying on for the full term.  At the rate things are going the majority of Obama's appointees will look back at the first term as a very disappointing time in their lives.  But, my hats are off to them for giving it their best efforts and getting no support and no thanks from the from the folks who asked them to come for "Change We Can Believe In."


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm just glad I didn't vote him. All I saw was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Finally everyone else is seeing the same thing. Or maybe the sheep wool has fallen from their eyes.


Anonymous said...

I applied to work for the Obama admin, thinking it would be exciting to be a part of the change. Never heard a word back. Now, I'm glad nothing ever came of it. Anyway, with the way things are going, I would have probably quit by now.

Anonymous said...

Rats leaving a sinking ship? So you are a Romney man now.

Anonymous said...

How could you expect Jim toever support any republican over a democrat. ever. Even one with magic Mormon underwear.