Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sometimes it all just comes together.  There is a great story in the Journal and on TV News of a guy who saved a little girl who was kidnapped as she walked home with a bag of Tostados for her family.  The good samaritan followed the pedophile's car and managed to get the girl back safely.

Today the Catholic Bishops took on our tunnel visioned and mean Governor whose sole aim in government seems to revolve around taking away drivers licenses from undocumented workers.  It was nice to see the Bishops doing something that stood up for these people in a big way.  This doesn't happen much any more.

Now, back to the hero who saved the little girl.  He needed his wife to act as a translator to speak to the media.  He drove a car to carry out his mission.  He spoke only Spanish.  I wonder if the Governor and her minions of hate will track him down to discuss his driving privileges.


Rodney said...

No good deed goes unpunished

Bob Gaines said...

Dead on Jim!!