Saturday, August 06, 2011


I watched a documentary the other night in which foreign nationals who lived in Germany prior to World War II were interviewed.  They almost all agreed that the people of Germany had gone insane.  I can certainly understand that.  I wonder if many in this country and the international community now wonder if Americans are going insane.

I say this because I have been observing this Texas Governor Perry overtly using religion as a springboard to the White House.  He got only a half sold out crowd in the stadium he rented for his rally today.  Some of the faithful stayed away from the 100+ degree weather, but prayer was big on the agenda.  They prayed for the non believers.  They prayed for our servicemen, (just as 30 more Americans died in Afghanistan), and they prayed for a 2000 year old deceased carpenter to guide our national leaders.

We have not only now seen a downgrade in our national bond rating, but maybe in our national rationality too.

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