Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last night we stumbled on to a documentary on the Showtime Channel about the death of former football star Pat Tillman.  He died from friendly fire in Afghanistan and the bush/cheney administration lied about it and said he died while trying to save comrades in an ambush.  They wanted to make an icon out of him to gain support for the wars they started.  The documentary showed the strength and tenaciousness of Tillman's family in trying to get to the truth of his death.  It was an inspirational show in many ways.  But it also upset me so much I tossed and turned all night as I thought about the legacy of the bush/cheney team.  We as a nation are mostly forgetting those criminal leaders.  I say that because right now bush's clone, Governor perry of Texas has a shot at winning the republican nomination.

It is expected that in the next few days President Obama will approve a pipeline to carry tar sands oil from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.  If he does this as I fear he will, he will be guilty of a great injustice against future generations.  I am not kidding.  Read about tar sands here.

And then get angry at what this will do to our grandchildren.  I am so upset by Obama's stand on this that I am pretty sure I will not vote for him again.


Abq Dude said...

Obama's weaknesses as the President have been obvious in numerous ways, and I'm leaning against him as well. Problem is, the repug choices are even worse, especially Bachmann and Perry. I wish now I had voted for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

A question... Will you not vote at all. Cast a protest vote for some 3rd party or vote for the GOP candidate.

Rodney said...

With as many as 3 supreme court opening in the next term, not supporting the democratic candidate is highly irresponsible.