Friday, August 12, 2011


Apparently the Albuquerque Police Department is rebuilding its case against Judge Pat Murdoch.  When that happens I have to think that there are real questions about how the original case was made.  Especially when it comes to privacy issues.

If the Judge was guilty of soliciting a prostitute then  that stands on its own.  But why is APD shown in the paper once again today hauling off the Judge's home computers?  Were the PCs involved in the alleged rape of the prostitute or is APD just invading the privacy of the judge?

It sort of begs the question that if any minor or major criminal event occurs on your homes premises then your computer and everything on it is fair game.  This is B.S.  Not everyone collects child porn and you can be assured that is what the cops would like to find on anyone's computer whether there is probable cause or not.  But heck, maybe they will find an email that has intimate details of an affair or some out of control raging against a politico.  Is that then fodder for the media friends of the cops?

Some enterprising legislator should come up with some legislation protecting people's computer data unless there is solid evidence it contains information on crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, proposed legislation would do exactly the opposite, making your browser history for a year available to the government.