Monday, August 29, 2011


Governor Martinez called the state jet that she sold a symbol of greed.  If she believes that will she stop taking her marching orders from corporate America, and more specifically the oil and industry?  Those guys have gaggles of jet planes.  Will she at least stop all subsidies to the oil and gas industry from the state taxpayers?  Are we the ones paying for those jets?  Darn right we are so lets just cut the free candy from the state of New Mexico to them.  They can afford it.  You have seen all those TV commercials begging them not to impose taxes on the energy industry.  That means oil, gas and coal companies.

In the meantime one should start noticing the impact that Photo Voltaic panels are having on energy production.  It seems the local media has noticed how many businesses are seeing the wisdom of sticking those things on their roofs.  One reason is tax credits.  I think we should take all subsidies from the fossil fuel guys and give it directly to additional tax credits for solar panel installers.  We will all breathe easier.  And it will send a message that there are alternatives to dirty fuel.

Had a nice game of golf today and will play many times in the next week.  An old high school friend is coming to visit for a week from California.  This guy is a saint who has stayed with his wife and cared for her through progressively bad MS.  He has been a good friend for fifty years.


Anonymous said...

Also will she stop taking allowing the Dairy Industry to come into her office and rewrite regulations to be handed to the board that is supposed to be writing them?

Vicki said...

I agree with your sentiments. These Republicans are such hypocrites. I just don't know if the voters are listening to the noise or the substance of Ms. martinez and the other false neo-populists.