Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Children in the Mansion

When was the last time any school aged children lived in the Governor's mansion?  This was an interesting question an old friend of mine commented on yesterday.  I can't really answer that question, but it really is an important one.

Modern day parenting is probably even harder now that when Bobbi and I raised our kids in the 80's and 90's.  Anyone who is doing it now and being successful are to be respected.  But in looking at our current posse of governor candidates I think the only one with school age children is Lawrence Rael.  He and his wife Kim are modern day parents and if he were to win the Primary and go on to defeat Susana Martinez, then we would have children living in the Governor's Mansion.

That would be refreshing, wouldn't it?


Bubba Muntzer said...

Speaking of the election, it's too bad there's not some way to increase voter turnout in this off year election, which I have read is one of the Democrats' big problems. I noticed there was a little demonstration in Santa Fe last night in the attorney general's office in solidarity with the demonstrations in Marion Berry's about the police department.

People aren't immune to becoming more engaged in the political process if they see their interest in it. Anyone who runs for governor should run a very populist campaign highlighting the economy, I'd think. Jobs. Layoffs. Jobs leaving. Pay.

I'm sure there have been people looking at precinct maps and are thinking in terms of strategies to nab the few likely voters, but is anyone thinking about how to expand the electorate?

It would mean the Democratic Party would have to rebrand itself from being Republican Lite to being Democrats. Voters would be shocked at first to hear Democrats talking like Democrats. It might take them awhile to figure out who to vote for, but we can solve that problem when we come to it.

Anonymous said...

The New Mexico Governors Mansion, is a nice, middle-upper class, ranch style home, but it by no means should be called a "mansion". Not that long ago, it was in serious need of repairs and a new roof. The legislature should seriously consider selling it and find some very nice historical home, perhaps near the plaza or the roundhouse. Renovate the new home if necessary,and make the home more functional for public events, a museum for New Mexico Governor state and territorial history and living quarters. No doubt many will object only because it will house a politician and family.

Anonymous said...

I think Toney Anaya was the last governor to have children in the mansion.