Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Governor Martinez's former campaign manager took a plea bargain and is now a convicted felon for stealing the Governor's emails.  When will the NSA be given a plea bargain for stealing all of our emails?   One wonders what is going on with this deal where the sentence was pretty much a slap on the wrists.  Could the former disgruntled manager have made a deal to testify on other things he might know?  Time will tell.

And how about those allegations that the Martinez campaign used the Dona Ana law enforcement apparatus to identify political opponents via the Motor Vehicle Department data base?  Will that stay out of the media who helps Martinez more by the stories they don't do, rather than the ones they do?

There was a little story today in the Journal about the fact that the Dept. of Interior's Bureau of Land Management is unable to inspect half of all drilling operations on public land because they are not funded to do so.  Do you think that Congressman Steve Pearce and his oil and gas puppeteers have anything to do with this poor funding?  You bet.  It will end up hurting soon.

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I'm surprised you didn't comment on the council meeting yesterday where they clearly railroaded the citizens again to allow the Taser consultants to get approval for ultimately $500,000 to defend Berry and APD in the DOJ investigations. And they made it clear it's not stopping at 1/2 a mil. Once the negotiations are over, you can expect another million or two, maybe more, to pay them the $350/hour to impletment the plan since our bonehead city lawyers aren't capable and they won't bring someone from the community in to represent instead.

Thank you Mr. Garduno, Ms. Pena and Mr. Lewis for doing the right thing and truly caring about doing what's best for the community.

And to the rest of you, it's time for you to go, especially the radicals who cater to the elite, Don Harris and Trudy Jones who didn't participate in the conversation about divulging the corruption by asking the right questions.