Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hunkering Down

The Mayor's Office has added more security to its floor at City Hall.  Call this a hunkering down by Mayor Berry and his bunker mate CAO Rob Perry.

In fairness, this all started with Mayor Marty Chavez who decided he needed full time policemen guarding him everywhere he went.  Well, I guess he felt more important then.  But at least Chavez was willing to sit down and meet with people, unlike our current Mayor and Governor who seem to be very picky about who gets in the door.

When I was Mayor I never had a security detail. I did have a button I could push in my office to call the police, but the one time I did it as a test, no one came.  It was kind of funny.

 Our office was open to the public and if there were an angry group we just brought them into the conference room and met with them.  What a novel idea!  But it doesn't seem to work that way these days.  Fleeing controversy seems to be the plan. Oh, and taking pictures of protestors who don't agree with you.

While out on my bike ride last night around the neighborhood I stopped to talk with an old friend who was lamenting the fact that no one can get into see the Governor.  He represents a large business association and they have been insulated from the Susana Martinez by her Iron Curtain of neo cons who think she shouldn't rub shoulders with anyone.  This association is a conservative group, but apparently she fears them.  What does she do all day?


Anonymous said...

Those of us who were born a few decades ago remember how common the nagging spouse concept was. The nagging spouse was the partner with the brain who could see that there were family needs that were not being met. They were persistent in trying to work with their partner to try to address their concerns. It was common practice and quite acceptable in those days to just ignore them no matter how persistent they were or how much the nagged spouse knew that they were correct in their assessment. They knew that eventually they would get tired of nagging and just give up and submit to the dysfunctional life. It was even quite acceptable to laugh and joke about it with their friends, which they did quite often, since they’d rather be out playing rather than be home with the family acting responsibly.

And today folks, we have Mayor Berry and Governor Martinez, the classic example of the not-too-bright player rather than the responsible spouse. They THINK that they can just ignore the citizens and they will eventually go away. The protesters, and the others who are going to go after Martinez, are in a marriage that Berry and Martinez just can’t get out of. But times are a-changin’ and we have evolved as a civilization. The nagging spouses are no longer perceived by civilized people as being the nags. In fact, they are supported and appreciated for being persistent in cleaning up this most uncivilized, corrupt and incompetent group of leaders we have in New Mexico lead by Martinez and Berry. Continue to go with your strategy of ignoring those citizens who are trying to fix this mess you’ve got us into and see what happens.

Both of you can ignore your constituents and focus on PR and camera time only when it puts you in a good light, while you hide in your barracks and build your army, but the people with brains who loathe your corruption, are beginning to seep out of the Pandora’s Box that you have created for yourself by your destructive and incompetent leadership. Be ready for the drama folks! It’s just beginning.

Power to the people! Be persistent in demanding that they lead and hear you or fire their ass before they do any more damage to NM’s reputation and this economy.

And BTW, RECORD EVERYTHING! They are a bunch of pathological LIARS!

Anonymous said...

I just would like to say


You have not killed anyone for 32 days!


I mean this sincerely. The citizens of Albuquerque can sleep better now that we have seen a pattern and practice for one month of a civilized APD. I hope and pray that you can do this for another month.


DG said...

I recall that when I worked for the Richardson Administration at GSD, Bill would hold open office hours quite regularly in Albuquerque and Santa Fe...a chance to meet and speak with the common folk with whom Susana would never rub shoulders, except in campaign ads, when she could put words in their mouths.

Anonymous said...

It was reported on local TV news that Berry had a second security door installed on the 11th floor to help prevent another take over of the office. Looking forward to both doors hitting his ass on the way out in 3 years.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Power to the people" only works if the people come out and take power. Here in NM, cranky right wingers always vote, and "the people" mostly stay home. In fact, the Martinez and Berry administrations are only possible because older, scared voters turn out to make sure "those people" don't get any power.
We have the government we deserve.