Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Looking Back?

There used to be some sage advice on not looking back too much.  Now in politics that is all we seem to do.  Democratic Governor Candidate Gary King's new campaign manager lasted only hours in his job because of some tasteless but minor comments of his that were found on Twitter.  Another victim of social media.

If you are going to use social media then  just be prepared for all of it being hacked and exposed.  Tweets are now hidden weapons of mass destruction for anyone who participates in quickly commenting on issues of the day or inane personal thoughts.

I say some pretty crazy stuff on my blog sometimes, but I am doing it in my retirement  years where I don't have to worry about it being thrown back at me. As a pol, I was known for being blunt sometimes, but  I wouldn't advise any young politically ambitious person to say what they really feel in social media these days without gentrifying it.  Political correctness now reigns in this country more than ever.  And honesty goes out the door.

Some think I am ultra liberal, but I am not.  I don't think the extreme left of center crowd does themselves any favors by pointing out every single flaw in any candidate or political operative.  No one is perfect and we all say things we wish we hadn't.  The politically correct crowd is destroying any chance of getting slightly flawed but worthy progressive people into office because of OCD on finding messianic candidates.  The GOP uses this effectively, as do Democrats, in trying to gut the other side.

And when you see a candidate like Gary King running so scared that he publicly hangs an employee of 24 hours, then you know things are out of hand.  It also points out once again that King needs to show some 'fight' in his persona.  Right now he just flees controversy and that is not the kind of Governor we need.


S.BeyondaMee said...

No no no Mr. Baca. I disagree. Gary King is not "running so scared". He BETTER have fired that guy. Women don't need another misogynous man in the mix. King would have lost all support from women had he done any different. Good riddance. I am from the South and the men there don't have a high opinion of anyone other than themselves. They especially think themselves superior to all women.

Anonymous said...

Good point Jim. People don't realize that whatever they put on the internet, especially if it requires logging in, is being gathered, and with big data, is made available to those that want to know your thoughts. Marketers love it! And techies do too because they are creating vehicles to protect our privacy, some of which can be found at:

You're also right that King needs to act like a king if he's going to get credibility. However, it doesn't matter whoever wins. There is a Movement afoot that is growing by leaps and bounds by so many different individuals and organizations who are fed up. Whoever wins is going to have to lead and do what’s in the best interest of the citizens, not the elite, or they are going to be spending more time hiring PR firms like Garrity’s to try to manage their image since the government propaganda newspaper and local news have lost all credibility.

Times are different now and until they figure out that they can no longer screw the citizens by their catering to the elite, it’s going to be war.

Anonymous said...

I am not sorry to see this guy gone. We've come a long way, baby, but unguarded comments like that show we have a long way to go. Self-censoring is only exhausting when you are, say, a misogynist who wants appear otherwise. Re: Gov. Martinez: some people don't get "caught" calling someone a bitch because they don't actually use the word, in public OR in private. Really! It's true! While we all say stuff that isn't well thought out or is not meant for public consumption (which was likely your main point, Jim), we don't all say misogynist or racist things in those moments. When I hear them, I file it under "good to know".

Anonymous said...

What is next? The thought police? Oh, we already have it when this kind of stuff goes on. There is no perfect candidate, no perfect campaign manager, and no perfect policy. Sometimes liberals are really over the top and as bad as the worse Tea Party types.

Anonymous said...

It may have been that the tweets were the tip of the iceberg or not but either way it was a distraction to the campaign so I suppose the guy from LA had to go. Too bad, I was hoping for some good no holds barred type of politics for a change. The problem with NM Democrats is we are too nice.

Anonymous said...

Re: Tea Partiers, extremists aren't good on either side. The unfortunate truth is that the Tea Partiers and Koch brothers are causing NM so much inbalance that there is chaos and destruction to our economy.

BTW, did anyone see the 20/20 interview where Koch got all choked up, emotional and cried? Yes, that's right. Do you think it is because there are too many homeless or mentally ill citizens not being cared for? NO! It is over the "craft" that goes into a $100,000 bottle of wine. The ultimate in elitism. And then you wonder why NM is all screwed up right now.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a great article for anyone who doesn’t believe that the elite are controlling this city at the expense of their servants, the other 90% of the population who didn’t vote. What’s it going to take to get people to realize they need to give Berry and his army the boot and VOTE MARTINEZ OUT IN NOVEMBER? It’s absolutely ridiculous!

And what do Berry and Perry have to say about stealing?

Mayor Richard Berry's office said he wasn't available to comment.

A statement from Albuquerque's chief operations officer said the city's legal department is working to fix the problems, and make sure there's proper tracking and accountability?

Great reporting Regina as usual!