Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Say No

I can't think of a time I have been much more outraged as the Supreme Court has taken the country backwards once again.  But, there is a way to fight the corporate/religious partnerships in this country.  Just boycott them.  Screw Hobby Lobby and the folks like them who put the teaching of that famous fantasy book the Bible in front of women's reproductive rights.  Surely, the women in this country can bring down that company over time.

What is next?  It will be something just as damaging as this as long as the religious right has a majority of the Supreme Court kneeling before them.  


Anonymous said...

This is just another reason to avoid Hobby Lobby. Their deterministic approach to reverse women's rights and keep them suppressed all while manipulating the interpretation of the Bible to their advantage is about as pagan as one can get.

Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar, has similar products for a lot less money as does Walmart and other national retailers. Save your money and vote with your dollars. Avoid Hobby Lobby!

And for the employees of Hobby Lobby, you can get better benefits at Walmart than at Hobby Lobby.

Anonymous said...

Why do people even shop at Hobby Lobby? They are very expensive. Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar, has similar items and for a lot less money. So does Walmart and other national competitors.

Vote with your dollars and save money at the same time. Boycott Hobby Lobby! They are really overrated.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The Supreme Court may have succeeded in getting out the vote where the Democratic Party has failed.

Anonymous said...

Read Justice Ginsburg's passionate 35-page dissent of the Hobby Lobby decision.

Is anybody interested in doing a picket line at Hobby Lobby?

This decision is another attempt at the right-wing trying to force their values on us and destroying our country just like Citizen's United.

Surrender or die fighting!

Anonymous said...

And remember this, the owners of Hobby Lobby invest in the pharmacy companies who make birth control. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Now "sincere" corporations have a competitive advantage over non-religious corporations -- their costs are lower. I wonder how many corporations are going to "get religion"?

New Mexican said...

All religions would push their agenda's on nonbelievers if they got the upper hand in an area. All of them, Eastern western and in between religions. Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and governor of Minnesota said it best "Religion is a crutch" for weak minds.

Michelle Meaders said...

Boy, if the benefits are better at Wal-Mart, they are really evil. Please don't shop there, wither -- they abuse their worker and suppliers something awful.

I don't see how Hobby Lobby's costs are now lower. It shouldn't affect their health insurance premiums. On the contrary, they may have more workers out having babies, or sleep-deprived at work, or off because their kids were sick or they couldn't get child care.

Anonymous said...

Listen, you so called "progressives", Hobby Lobby is owned by two people. They have the right, by law, to run their firm the way they see fit. Also, they spend millions each year, donating to worthy causes, can you say the same thing? Also, Hobby Lobby only objects to providing 4 types of contraceptives, not ALL! Also, I don't think providing contraceptives free of charge to women is my job! The war on women is a joke..the only war going on is to subjugate the citizens of the United States to an out of control federal machine. Post this Mr. Baca, if you have the nerve!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, you are full of righteous indignation, which frankly is the problem here. Your indignation is religious in nature and that is scary. You could just as easily believe in voodoo as the bible....if they had reached you first. think about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous:

For your "enlightened" information I am non-religious. Some may refer to me as a secularist. I believe in the freedom to be free from an over reaching central government. Oh, now I may be a member of a militia, or watch to Fox News & not MSNBC, or step on kittens, bottom line is right wingers and left wingers are equally narrow minded...those on the left just think they're smarter than everyone else and those on the right think everyone is a leftist!
Go wrap yourself in whatever garb that makes you feel superior and keep believing you are more intelligent that anyone else!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Oh uninformed Anonymous commenter, you don't pay for anybody's contraception, nor do the hypocrites who own Hobby Lobby. Benefits like that are paid in lieu of salary, because there's a nice tax break for doing so. Hobby Lobby pays it's workers less than Wal Mart for crissakes. And it's owners own stock in pharmaceutical companies that make contraceptives. Hypocrites they are.

And those "worthy" charities you refer to are right wing Christianity outfits like wacko Oral Roberts University and the National Christian Charitible Foundation which is trying to get right wing Christianity beliefs made into law all over this country. Those don't even qualify as charities.

Anonymous said...

Mr./Ms. Muntzer:

Under the Affordable Care Act the federal government has mandated that all women receive contraceptive assistance at no charge. If you have a group policy, the insurance company must provide such coverage. If you go to the "exchanges" those health policies also must provide those contraceptive services. Many policies are to be subsidized by the federal government for those forced onto the exchanges and make below a given income level. Those subsidies are paid for by the taxpayers. So, those individuals are not receiving a benefit in lieu of salary, they are receiving a service paid for by all of us. You are a typical "lefty", anyone who disagrees with you is "uninformed". Study how the Affordable Care Act is structured, you may discover you are woefully uninformed. It is obvious that you do not subscribe to the concept of "religion" and I defend your position, I, too, am not religious, but I refuse to belittle those who are...that is where you are thankfully, very different. Wrap yourself in the knowledge that you know more than anyone else and have a happy life!

Anonymous said...

Supporting Bubba's position of how the right-wing religious fanatics are trying to force their values on us, J Jennings Moss' article states:

It is my sincerely held belief that even though the opinions in the 5-4 court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case tried to make it clear this case only should involve the contraception issue, other challenges will come up.

Specifically, it's my belief that opponents to same-sex marriage will bring up Hobby Lobby when they argue that businesses should be able to turn away the business of gay or lesbian couples because of their religious beliefs. "There will be much analysis to follow and it remains unclear, but this bodes somewhat well for religious liberty in the context of how Christian business owners who sincerely hold to the biblical view of sexual morality may (or may not) 'associate' with others who are engaged in the counter-biblical 'LGBT' lifestyle or other forms of sexual immorality," wrote Matt Barber, a lawyer and editor of the social conservative site BarbWire and vice president of the Liberty Action Counsel.

Moral of the story, the religious right is trying to divide this country with an “either you are with us or you are against us” Bush mentality, forcing their views on society.

And to the reader who is "educating" Bubba, is there anything wrong with a compassionate government who wants to give EVERY citizen access to health care where the costs are so exorbitant that it can wipe out an individual's assets and cause bankruptcy? Is there anything wrong with giving contraceptive access to birth control for a woman who knows that the only support from the right-wing community for raising a child she will get is a condemnation if she exercises her right to choose? You want to control a woman’s right to choose, you bring the emotional and financial support in order to give that child what they need or stay out of her life. If you really had “religion” in you, create a charity and then donate to it and get the volunteers to provide her the support system needed for the next 18 years. It takes a village to raise a child! Don’t condemn her if she exercises her right or abandon her if she needs support to raise that child. Walk the talk.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The above commenter is right. The language the Supreme Court used to narrow the decision is mere window dressing, PR. They ruled on the principal, which can now be applied to other cases, narrowly or broadly.

By the way, oh uninformed commenter, thanks for the lesson on the ACA, but we're not talking about people who get their insurance from exchanges, we're talking about Hobby Lobby employees. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Bubba and Supporters. This is more of the attempt to get the government reduced in size so that it can be drowned in a bathtub. The plantation mentality to replace democratic governance with undemocratic corporate governance. The rule of the master on the plantation of everything and everyone in the name of religious liberty, money is free speech, freedom and whatever else can be used to support their Orwellian goals. The leaders of this movement know what they are doing. They are Not against government, or big government, just democratic government.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Thank you, Anonymous (the well informed one). I think that nails it exactly.

This is about more than religious freedom, and that becomes clear when you take this decision in the context of this court's other decisions, Citizen's United being a prime but far from the only example.

The agenda was already in motion back when these judges were appointed by GW Bush deliberately for their pro corporate beliefs.

It's not that these men aren't anti woman or that this decision doesn't explicitly discriminate against women, the bigger agenda is to remove all obstacles to corporate power.

They are accomplishing this piece by piece, by demolishing all labor and workplace protections, by completely undermining or eliminating all environmental protections, and by eliminating women's access to health care.

The last part is so they can make sure as many white babies are born as possible and that they are raised as Christians, and to make sure that there will an oversupply of labor, which keeps wages low.

Cloaking part of the agenda in the language of religious liberty disguises it and makes it harder to see the whole.

And Anonymous, who is so masterful with words and vivid images, has the agenda and how they are pursuing it practically down to a meme, which outside of this web log and a select few other places is how communication is accomplished in the post literate world.