Monday, June 23, 2014

Democratic Legislative Campaign Funding

The Journal's Sunday front page story on the silly shell game of funding democratic legislative candidates was a fair story to go after and report on.  The system of moving money around from one PAC to another to get around campaign funding limits is just another example of a broken system.  Now, lets see how the Democrats differ from the republicans in this game.

The GOP and Governor's PACs just  don't see a necessity of sending money to the individual candidates.  They just spend unlimited amounts of money in so called 'independent campaigns' to help their legislative candidates.  It  makes the amounts the Democrats spend look paltry.  I would assume that the amounts spent in these GOP campaigns are high multiple times more than the money trickling in to the Democrats.

Just look to an example that exists today.  The amount of dollars supporting  Governor Martinez's  reelection campaign that never runs through her own campaign accounts is huge.  And the reporting requirements for where those PACs get their money are incredibly weak.  But, I am sure that the Albuquerque Sunday Journal will do a front page expose on that real soon.  Right?


Anonymous said...

Thomas Cole's Sunday Journal article and headline, "What Contribution Limits?", "PACs Shuffle Money, Pump Cash Into Dems Campaign" was nothing more than the Journal's grotesque move to discredit and make villains out of all Democrat candidates running for the House. The Journal's goal is to help the Republicans take control of the House. Cole reports and makes a really big deal out of "a web of liberal PACs giving more than $191,000 to eight Democrats in key house races". Cole's use of the word "liberal" is such a disgusting red flag to Journal Republican readers.

$191,000 to eight democratic candidate comes out to an average of $23,875, which is somewhat of a joke when compared to what the Republicans are spending and will be spending to take over the house. What about the web of Right Wing PACS contributing the House Republicans? Martinez will be spending close to $1 Million dollars a month trashing King. A big question that remains to be answered is what is the Governor and Jay McCklesky going to be contributing to Republican House candidates?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there organized informational picketing at the Journal building?

Anonymous said...

Your answer to picketing the Journal building is:

Because you haven't posted it here (and a few other places) with a date and time. Maybe we can even get some of those people who still believe the paper is something more than propaganda if we do it early in the morning and have free coffee and donuts.

I'll go and I know a few others that will go to!