Friday, June 27, 2014

Dorothy Explains it All for Your

Archbishop Sheehan has run a successful pogrom against the more liberal Dominican priests at the Aquinas Newman Center at UNM in Albuquerque.  He told them to get lost.  The new handpicked conservative priests are reportedly moving the altar from the center of the chapel to an elevated, 'looking down on you" dais.  Of course that will make the 700 upset parishioners less likely to stick around.

Here is a poignant photo.

 The latest survey from Gallup that says the number of unbelievers is at an all time high.  No surprise there.


Anonymous said...

And for those of you that donate to any religion, keep in mind that they are the only entity in the US that requires no accountability or tax returns. If you donate to a religion and they don't provide you financial statements as to where the money goes, you might be doing more harm than good.

And the Roman Catholic church got that one figured out. They have their own banking system. They are the only financial institution in the WORLD, which is located in Rome, that does not have to follow the international banking laws.

Remember, money corrupts!

Bubba Muntzer said...

There's a big new Protestant mega church across the street from my apartment complex on Los Volcanes, with a school and big gymnasium, and I can see, a couple blocks beyond that one, an even bigger Protestant mega church, on Central between Unser and Coors.

Down by where I make a pickup on Jefferson, when I stop at the Whataburger with truck parking for my two green chili double cheeseburgers to go, I sometimes have to wait in line behind people getting out of big mega church behind the Whataburger that has a parking lot that looks like a football stadium parking lot.

Those mega churches, and the statistics for the growth of Protestant churches in Latin America, that last stronghold and cash cow for the Catholic Church, should alarm people like Archbishop Sheehan.

From the Catholic Reporter: "In 1930, Protestants amounted to one percent of the Latin American population; today it's between 12 and 15 percent."

It's expected to reach 20-35 percent in the coming decades, according to sociologist Paul Charles Freston, a Brazillian who teaches at Baylor University.

Anonymous said...

Good points. It's about the economics and our atomized communities. The mega-churches provide a community space that used to be in school gyms, libraries and pubic spaces in general. They also offer babysitting and fun movies along with soothing dogma that isn't to demanding.
And they don't have to recreate next to "those people".

Anonymous said...

just got done watching Mexico get beat. the players kept doing the sign of the cross and the god's plan screwed them.

Anonymous said...

But the pope just excommunicated the Mafia!

Anonymous said...

They came and are cleaning house. Altar moved, all the wonderful donated art all gone, the library purged of "incorrect" books. Many volunteers have lost their functions, social justice and other bulletin boards purged. If you remember how mass was pre-Vatican 2, it's back.