Thursday, June 05, 2014


Maybe one of the most important races in this upcoming election will be the contest for New Mexico Secretary of State.  Democrat Maggie Tolouse Oliver needs to take home the prize there if we want to stop suppression of the vote by the likes of the Koch brothers and right wingers in this country.

Those radicals have run around crying voter fraud and cheating when in fact it really does not exist on any measurable scale.  They will use this approach to actually pass laws to suppress the votes of the poor in this country.  The current office holder,  republican Diana Duran, started down this path as soon as she was elected and you can be sure she will gather in plenty of corporate and oil and gas money to continue the effort.

This race might be the best investment for the long term politics in New Mexico.  My check is in the mail.  Go here to donate.


Anonymous said...

And that's why the Movement is going to succeed.

For those of you that believe accepting NM as it is because it's bad everywhere:

Anonymous said...

It is wise that Berry is offering an olive branch to the Movement as KOB reported,

and that, via the DOJ, the City is offering services to assist with the March and Rally on June 21st. It certainly is better than police in riot gear. There is skepticism as to his intent. Time will tell if it's another marketing ploy or if he is sincere in reconciling this city and working together with the Movement to unite this community and make Albuquerque a great place to live with a vibrant economy.

However, the Movement will not dissipate. The energy is here to stay and there are so many things that need to be addressed in Albuquerque and New Mexico so that we can be recognized to be the best in the US, rather than the worst.

If Berry is smart, he will capitalize on that energy, join forces and allow this Movement to unite with the government to actualize what needs to happen.

It can be a win/win for both sides and most importantly, for all the citizens of Albuquerque, which is who this Movement is fighting for. Unite your people Berry. Join forces with the Movement so this energy can be converted to positive change rather than pushing against a brick wall, which will ultimately crumble.

I look forward to seeing how this evolves over the next few months, especially since Mr. Correia has to wait until August before he knows whether there is enough evidence, even if it is trumped up, for a grand jury to permit indictment. An indictment is one thing I am sure I don’t want to see, as there is no telling how much that could add fuel to this raging flame that will not be extinguished. Be smart Berry and join forces with the Movement to make Albuquerque all that it has the potential to be. But, I warn you, don’t do your usual fluff. This Movement is way too smart for that.

They are a no-nonsense, results-oriented group so the fluffy, feel-good negotiations will be ineffective. Expect to come out of those meetings with big changes that will benefit the citizens. The change needs to be substantive.

Could this be the beginning of democracy in action? I sure hope so.

It’s a new dawn in Albuquerque (and New Mexico is next!). This government will be about WE THE PEOPLE and not corporations, corruption and the Koch brother’s money. It’s only a matter of when. Berry, the choice is yours.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jim’s blog evolves into a place where the discussion is about what is being fixed and how the economy and lives are improving and vibrant? Then we might actually have people wanting to move here rather than move away. And I want to thank you Jim, for your behind-the-scenes work that you have been doing to resolve this crisis. Wink, wink and smile!

See you at the family-friendly, non-violent March and Rally June 21st. It’s going to be a full day of activities including live music, speakers, poets and more. Drop by anytime between 11-5 at Roosevelt Park. More info at: