Monday, June 02, 2014

The 300

Those three hundred jobs that have just been permanently lost in Questa due to the closure of the Chevron Molybdenum mine are another poke in the eye for New Mexicans.  Also another black mark against Governor Martinez.  Those boom and bust cycle kind of industries have been very dicey for our state.  Profits sucked out and hard working people abandoned.  And they are enabled by people like the Governor who has no economic stimulus plan what so ever.  Just what in the hell are she and her minions doing?  The only dedications she has been attending are ones set in stage by the Richardson administration.  And she still thinks that everything he did was wrong.

I suppose that means she doesn't like gross receipts taxes taken off food.  And lowering taxes for the poor.  And bringing in the Rail Runner and the Spaceport and the movie industry.  Every single day she looks weaker and the heart grows fonder for Richardson.  But, New Mexico electors are sleeping and the democrats will probably elect the worst possible candidate to take on Susana Martinez.  Yep, that is Gary King, a nice guy who does absolutely nothing.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Martinez is another self-serving politico just like Richardson was. Richardson did things, sure, but many of the wrong ones and his legacy went to hell. As for King, a do-nothing AG, and for sure a do-nothing governor. NM's standing will suffer even more no matter who's governor.

Anonymous said...

Being a nice guy and doing absolutely nothing has done well for RJ Berry as Mayor, so why not King? Voters simply do not care and voter turn out for the Democrats will be less that 18%, even with 5 candidates running. November will be a disaster for the Democrats. Our news media refuse to hold both Berry and Martinez accountable. Voters simply are trying to hold on and make a living.

Ok, then said...

You called it. I was so disappointed; I really thought Rael would do better. Dang.