Friday, June 27, 2014

They Said

Ahh, political coverage today!  Tit for Tat.  He said, she said, they said.  No facts please.  Just regurgitate the  TV commercials.

There is more ink and airtime showing what the latest TV ads are between the Governor's candidates than anything else.  When will an enterprising journalists do an in-depth story on New Mexico's dismal economic standing and sit the candidates down to find out what they plan on doing about it?  Is that so hard?  Surely, the Governor can't escape this forever, can she?  I am pretty sure Gary King would do it as he needs all the exposure he can get as he is buried in a mudslide of commercials from right wing PACs.

I watched the Channel 13 newscast at 5:30pm yesterday.  Then hapless anchors just sat there an narrated six or seven unimportant crime stories only because some of them had dash cam like video.  Channel 13 has done a good job on the APD controversy, so you know they could break out of the mold and do some real reporting.  It is pretty obvious that the station will have a new anchor soon,  the able Dean Staley.  They are spending a lot of money on promoting him.  Maybe he could turn that around on them and pressure the news director and producers to let the staff do real work.

Probably it would fall on deaf ears and he will just become a symbol of modern day TV news.  What will he think of his career in 20 years?  Will there even be TV local newscasts then?  I am betting there won't be.


Anonymous said...

Did Dick Knipfing retire for good? Have not heard anything about him lately. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

sources told me he will retire in August.

Anonymous said...

NM Black Humorist said.....

Fairy Berry says: Did anybody notice that I put the fairy dust over APD to stop killing citizens? Yesterday was a good example of this. I want credit for this! APD actually didn’t violate their rights and instead captured them alive. I want a pat on the back and good job!

Concerned Citizen says: Now we’ll have to watch Brandenburg to see if she actually sends the message to criminals that they will be brought to justice for stealing cars and trying to escape from officers. We’re watching you, Brandenburg!

Fairy Berry, when are you going to put the fairy dust over Perry and order him to get rid of that Macho – MeBully-I’m-in-control-and-don’t-you-forget-it attitude? It’s not going to work anymore and you’d better get him to change his attitude or fire his ass!

I doubt you'll post this Jim, but I'm having a hell of a good time saying it!

Anonymous said...

For a little black humor:

Governator vs. The King

Round 1 is not over……

King almost got knocked out by NM’s Bully. Just before the final count, he got up and swung back.

Way to go Gary! Truth over fiction, Governator!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Jim, I think Dean Staley is weak as an anchor. He reminds me of Dianne Anderson: mildly competent but stumbles too much when reading copy. And way too many hand gestures and mimicry of Ms. Garate, who puts conclusion-like emphasis on the last two or three words of most sentences...after a pause. (just like that.)
Dick has always been a newsman. These younger news people are readers, not news people. And their news directors are guided by the almighty dollar (i.e., ratings).