Saturday, June 21, 2014


Let's pretend that all of this turmoil in Iraq over the last two weeks had been totally ignored by the Obama administration.  Say they just never talked about it in press briefings, State Department briefings and refused to allow reporters to ask questions about it at any time.  That would be pretty unbelievable wouldn't it?  

But that is exactly what is happening on the fourth floor of the New Mexico State Capitol Building.  And know one seems to care at all.  New Mexico is ranked second to last in job growth in America.  But Susana Martinez ignores it, and reporters don't call her for statements on this disastrous performance.  Martinez rolls merrily along as our system of making elected officials somewhat answerable for their competency just evaporates.  Made possible by corporate money of course, and failed journalism.  Oh, and most importantly, the people who never vote.

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