Thursday, June 26, 2014


The Justice Department needs to send in an overseer of the Albuquerque Police Department.  That person should have the power to fire bad leadership and bad cops.  The decision making at the Department, from the Mayor, CAO and Chief is unfixable.  The Mayor should fire the CAO and the Chief and start over.  If he can't do that then he needs to man up a little.

I watched Channel 13 last night conduct an interview with CAO Perry about the decision to have undercover cops photograph APD protestors.  He looked like a sniveling idiot trying to explain why it was done.  Really, stop and think about this decision.  Did he really think that he and the Chief could get away with not having these guys recognized by the legally protesting citizens?  How stupid could one be to think that?  And then Perry's lame excuses that everyone was taking photos and videos anyway made it valid!

Logic goes out the window with this crew and the Mayor hides behind added security at City Hall.  The only one more invisible than this is former City Public Safety Chief Darren White.  Many blame him for much of  the problem after he went into tell the cops, "We are taking back the streets!"  That was a big signal to the cops that the shooting gallery was open, despite that fact that crime had been falling for years.  White must have seen himself as a hero in at TV crime drama.  And now he is invisible.

Life is too short.


Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence that White, Perry and Kennedy are all involved in the lawsuit filed by Mary Han's family. These people have no credibility, no sense of honor, honesty or humanity.

Anonymous said...

Berry gave this clown Perry a $30,000 raise? Rob Perry's Channel 13 interview clearly showed a man out of control, one who is unethical and appears to be on the verge of some sort of melt down.

Perry is a licensed New Mexico Attorney and has taken an oath to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct for attorneys and therefore must be held to a higher standard. Perry's interview reflects that he has no problem with violating people's civil rights with the gathering of evidence against people who are law abiding citizens exercising their rights of free speech. Perry admitted before the Albuquerque City Council that he goes out to police officer involved shootings, monitors the cops actions so that he can disseminate information to the press including no doubt evidence that may be used in cases, which is clearly unethical for an attorney to be doing. Perry also gives orders to the police and basically interferes with the on going investigations of the shootings. Berry is on the Risk Management committee that settles police misconduct case and thereby is creating conflicts of interest with his actions and the actions of investigating officers at the crime scenes. Rob Perry has never been held to account for being at Mary Hans death scene nor has been asked why he was taking pictures of her dead body.

Perry's conduct and actions create the appearance of impropriety and exposes the City to further liability. Berry needs to show this man the door and hire someone that will not abuse their authority and who has some ethics.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely shocked at this mornings Journal article "APD Consent Decree is Under Wraps For Now" and that it is going to take 6 months to negotiate. Why is the DoJ withholding its demands from the public who ultimately will be footing the bill? Why is Berry and the City Council not demanding full disclosure of what DoJ wants in the first place seeing as we are paying consultants up to $500,000 to Berry's experts to negotiate? It also looks like the City Council will be out in the cold and will not be involved the negotiations nor approval of the final Consent Decree.

What the hell are we negotiating?? The case is NOT in court, the City is not under any court order of confidentiality for negotiating and the DoJ demands should not be withheld from the public or the press. The proposed consent decree is a public document presented to the City, just like the original DoJ report, and it should be released immediately! Berry has pledge transparency, so he should go ahead an give out copies of the proposed consent decree he has so all can see and judge for themselves.