Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not One Arrest

Remember when the anti government rhetoric spun out of control with the heavily armed crazies and we had an entire federal government office building in Oklahoma turned into rubble filled with corpses of working folks and children from a day care center?

Recently in Nevada and Utah heavily armed 'anti government militias' set themselves against public land agency employees because ranchers don't want to follow the law or pay their bills like most Americans.  Assault and sniper rifles were aimed at these employees because they were carrying out their duties.  It was good to not let the situation get out of control, but now what is going to happen?  Will a group of BLM or Forest Service biologists, archeologists and scientists be rounded up and killed by government hating and gun toting lunatics?

It could happen, especially since the White House and the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture seem to have said to employees,  "sorry about those machine guns aimed at you, but we don't want to upset anyone by arresting them and even prosecuting them.  We will see if the DOJ might help."  Once the escalating crisis on the scene was defused the feds should have followed up with arrests of everyone threatening those employees.  So far the arrests equal zero.  And two of the Bundy wackos went on to kill two police officers and an armed civilian in Nevada.

I can't imagine what a BLM range conservationist must think when he sees these people not brought to justice.  The employees must feel like they don't count for anything.  Can you imagine a bunch of NRA inspired crazies marching into the West Wing of the White House or the Capitol Building with guns drawn and then not being prosecuted?

This lack of action will embolden the federal government hating crowd as they see any criminal or civil actions against them fade into the labyrinth of the Justice Department.  I hope these government employees organize and send a message to Congress and the President saying they also count for something  in their public service careers.


Anonymous said...

Good point, Jim!

And what is the message we send our children? BULLYING AND AGGRESSION WORKS! Is it any wonder students realize that if you want to succeed, just bully, and then they test it out in the schools? It’s time for Obama and the other leaders to take a strong stance and send a strong message. Be fearless, not fearful. Send the right message to the children as well as the bullies. And if they don’t, WE THE PEOPLE, should unite and demand it.

We have the Bundy Bullies and the Burke Bullies. NRA, you’d better get your people under control or WE THE PEOPLE will stand up to you, guns or no guns!

We should protest when the NRA comes in to town for their convention since Berry has welcomed them with his red carpet and all of APD will be there to show off how good they are at shooting targets!

Bubba Muntzer said...

We may end up having to do it ourselves.

It occurs to me that the government might not know what to do about right wing protest. For one, they are ignorant about those people. It's well documented that when it comes to surveillance, federal and local law enforcement spend all their time and resources spying on and infiltrating and collecting information on Left leaning groups, who are seen as threats to the established order while right wing protest groups aren't. And on environmentalists, which are perceived as Leftist and indeed it's hard to see how you can be a right wing environmentalist.

Recall that armed and loaded tea bagggers were allowed to roam around the Capital unhindered, indeed had police protection, while jack booted storm troopers with truncheons swinging were sent in to evict the peaceful non violent Occupy camps. There are environmentalists rotting away in federal prisons on terrorism convictions while a nativist practically has to decapitate his entire family to get law enforcement's attention.

COINTELPRO, by which the FBI in coordination with local law enforcement murdered Black activists in Chicago and Philadelphia for making free breakfasts for inner city kids, was a thoroughly planned multi agency project. They knew right where the people were, where they slept, when they slept.

With these right wingers, law enforcement knows nothing about them. When as Jim says they show up someplace else and start shooting, the government is in the dark. They don't know who it is until later. They don't know who they are, where they are, when they are. They just don't watch people on the right.

That ignorance about them means the government can't react, especially when coupled with government's institutional conservatism in general, and law enforcement's conservatism in particular.

Anonymous said...

This is the most biased, blatantly misstated posting about the NRA that I have read lately.
You had better hope the NRA stays in business. Otherwise, citizens, the legal ones, will lose even more rights and privacy than has already occurred.

Anonymous said...

The NRA is the most hate mongering group in the country, and they are in the business of selling it.

Anonymous said...

You say blatantly misstated? Tell me what the NRA has done for this country other than support crazies to own a massive collection of military guns enough to kill everyone in their neighborhood, instigate radicals like Bundy's group, kill the Las Vegas cops and give the APD cops who have killed citizens human target practice.

Defend your position!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Your right to stockpile guns hasn't stopped a single one of these mass shootings, which are now occurring at the rate of almost one every day.