Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have never used the Veteran's hospital system even though I qualify.  We have private health insurance and medicare.  I know some folks who do use the system even though they are wealthy and could seek help in many other ways.  Last night on CBS there was great lamentation that 57,000 Vets were waiting long times for an appointment.  Another 6 million got their appointments.  I think the real system flaws here are people using the Veterans healthcare despite other alternatives, and the ridiculous 'bonus' system that made lying profitable for system administrators.  Those folks should be fired.  Oh, and maybe we should forgive the student loans of any Doctor who chooses to work at the VA facilities for at least 5 years.  Oh, and george bush, dick cheney and don rumsfeld should be indentured to empty bed pans at a VA facility for the rest of their lives for sending so many young folks into a system that is understaffed and underfunded. Along with the CEO's of every major defense industry who were not underfunded at all.

Governor Susana Martinez has her great economic development coup for the year.  A new tortilla factory in Las Cruces.  She says the average wages will be $37,000 a year plus benefits.  I wonder if some one in the media will check that out.  Seems unrealistic.

Gary King showed signs of life with his new TV ad retaliating for Governor Martinez's mudslinging TV ads.  This is good.  The next step is to get a new Democratic Party Chair.  And soon.


Anonymous said...

You sound as if VA healthcare treatment is a gift, not something that was earned.
That's one of the most offensive comments I've read, ever.
Students who attend college on loans understand their payback responsibility upon entry. When they take the money it is comparable to borrowing money to buy a home, should all of those loans be forgiven as well?
People, in general, are tired of giving handouts to those who have chosen not to work for what they have but prefer to take from those who have.
Put the blame in the proper place, with the current administration. All you do is give them a free pass by blaming Bush. And it also shows that you and your shrinking group are out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

He didn't say it was a gift. More like a flawed system I think. actually, your comment is incoherent.

Anonymous said...

No, it is perfectly coherent when reading it without bias. He said wealthy people should not be using the system. Why not, if they earned the right to do so?
That kind of mindset is counterproductive and incites political divides. Just because someone is financially comfortable due to a lifetime of hard work and prudent spending, saving and investing, the notion that they should be penalized or be required to hand over some of their money to those who have made no effort to get ahead in the world is actually incoherent.

Anonymous said...

My dad is a WWII vet, 98 years old. He's had great care from the VA in Abq; I know, I've gone with him. I'm sure other vets are having lots of problems, and they shouldn't. They've served our country, it's time they get served.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Gary King will show he has some cojones like good old Bruce and exhibit that he can fight the political battle. His tenure as AG has been weak.

Anonymous said...

For a little break from the drama, I hope you will post this Jim.

For those of you who remember the importance of the Sunday paper way back when, here’s new media’s take on the old media, Sunday paper.


Here’s the lyrics in case you have trouble watching the video:


And some of you over 50 may remember Joe Jackson for his other song, Steppin’ Out. Yes, he’s one of us OP’s (old people)!
Still a great song!


Anonymous said...

To the commenter #1 and #3 above,

now I'm confused.

You state:

"the notion that they should be penalized or be required to hand over some of their money to those who have made no effort to get ahead in the world is actually incoherent."

Could you please be more specific and give examples of "those who have made no effort to get ahead in the world?"

I'd love to hear your unbiased and coherent examples of that.

Anonymous said...

It was predictable now that there are so many Eyes on the Albuquerque killings and that they are being monitored at didapdkilltoday.com, the Martinez/Berry machine is moving forward with their plan to expand their police state outside of Albuquerque thinking we are only monitoring Albuquerque. Citizens are still paying attention! Is the DOJ investigating these two killings to ensure they were justified and that what is being reported via the old media is true?