Sunday, June 29, 2014

Too Clever

When I saw that the minions of Governor Susana Martinez had filed lawsuits against the folks who uncovered emails that showed government business being conducted with private email accounts of the, you guessed it, the Governor and her minions, I thought it was a clever way of making the transparency issues disappear.  It was of course aided by the media, and especially the Albuquerque Journal who usually cares about transparency of the government.  They all quickly changed the story from corruption and smoked filled rooms into someone's whistle blowing actions being suspect.

But the more I think about it, this cleverness may end up in a giant backfire that could reach much further into the machinations of the Governor's administration.  They have sued some pretty smart hombres when they take on Private Investigator Michael Corwin and flamboyant and successful attorney Sam Bregman.  Yes, he is the Chair of the Democratic party but mostly a successful strategist in the court room.

If Susana's minions continue down this path and additional discovery is allowed in these highly suspect emails that were meant to be secret, then the whole house of cards might tumble.  Probably not in time for the election, but certainly in time for future aspiration of the Governor and her neocon handlers.



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