Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advice for President Obama

Okay, you have done something to make the oil and gas industry happy.  It may have been necessary to lease off shore federal holdings.  There are mixed feelings about it.  I am not totally happy with it but it might be something that has to happen in the short term.  But here is a bit of advice for you Mr. President.  The oil and gas industry does not like you.  This leasing program means nothing to them when the next election rolls around.  They will do everything in their power to see you are thrown out of Washington, DC.  They are republicans who could care less about your programs and policies so long as it doesn't affect their profits and subsidies.  I know you are smart enough to realize this but some of your folks may still be a little naive.

One thing I have learned in my political career is that the folks who depend on taxpayer owned resources on the nation's public lands really will never vote for any progressive, centrist, moderate or liberal.  They are for the most part ultra wing nut conservatives who vote for their pocket book only.  Their real attitude is "Give us you land, give us your money, and leave us alone."

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