Thursday, March 18, 2010

La Boca

I think the taxi drivers here are really unemployed nuclear physicists.  They manage to get their cabs in between the molecules of the cars and busses next to them.  Or they are all failed kamikaze pilots.  That ride from the pier was exciting.

We made our first stop at La Boca today. 

It is kind of a tourist trap, but it is also an awful lot of fun.  If  you are into color and art then this is the place to visit.  It was originally painted with left over paints from the ship maintenance in the ports.

After walking around La Boca for a couple of hours we headed down to Plaza Maya.  One thing I have noticed in South  America is that they take their cell phones so seriously that they allow towers to  be constructed anywhere.  
This city of ten million is very cosmopolitan.  Lots of hustle and bustle and business being conducted.  A rat race maybe?  But a very neat city so far.

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