Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buenos Aires

We just pulled into port in Buenos Aires and will leave the ship soon.  We have two full days here so we can see the sights.  My friend Brian's daughter lives here so we will meet with her tonight to "eat some serious cow" and then go to a Tango Show.

I see in the Albuquerque Journal this a.m. that City Finances are causing some angst.  I also see that Marty Chavez misappropriated road maintenance funds from the tax I passed while I was Mayor.  I always knew he would be tempted to do that and tried to get someone to audit it.  This is a serious thing but I will bet there will be no consequences.

We will get back to the ship late and if we are lucky we can watch the Lobo game.

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Summer said...

Hey, so you are in Argentina? I loved it. The first time I went to BA and I was actually shocked that the city was so similar to Paris or even New York. I though it was going to be like when I went to Peru, but it was totally different. I fell in love with Tango and argentine food. I had an apartment for rent buenos aires
and visited every single museum and square. I had the best of times!