Monday, March 08, 2010


I for one am happy to see University students protesting again.  It is about time they got off their collective butts.  They have finally figured out that they are being had by their schools raising tuitions and their banks charging usurious interest rates on those loans they need.  I wish they would protest things, like the patriot act, that affects others and not just themselves, but this is a good start.

We have heard much from the media on the problems at UNM between the administration and the faculty.  That has kind of died out while the mania over the Lobo basketball team while they ascend to being a great team.  But during all this press over the last year or so we have heard nothing from or about one group.  The Students.  Where do they fit in?  Between the arrogance of the faculty and administration I guess.  I have always said that Academe is the toughest kind of politics there is.  (My sister Carlota actually told me that years ago and she was right.)  Someone better start thinking about these students real soon or maybe we will get lucky and they will get really mad and move to the streets and cause a little havoc.

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