Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Movie Star

You can bet that Governor Richardson will take that job as the movie industry's lobbyist in Washington in a heartbeat. Who wouldn't.  He can flee the state's nagging revenue mess, the Albuquerque Journal, and his sagging approval ratings all at once.

I hope he gets the job because he could continue to make New Mexico a great place for the film industry.

I have been trying to figure out if the move would help or hinder Lt. Governor Diane Denish's chances of being elected Governor.  She would certainly become a full time target for the numerous right wing GOP candidates.  When they are not fighting each other that is.  Certainly Diane would get thrust into real decision making on managing the state's fiscal problems.  If she does a proper job then she will upset some people which possibly weakens her in the eyes of some constituencies.  She would face this on July 1 as the new budget takes effect.

This will all be interesting to watch if Big Bill gets the job.

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