Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Regressive Buck Passing

Well, I just have to say the proposed tax hikes by the legislature just are horrendous.  We need tax hikes but we don't need regressive ones.  And the most regressive is the sales tax.  And the cowardly leadership pounded out a deal that absolutely screws the cities in New Mexico by making them the ones to reimpose a tax on food.  The Mayors in New Mexico should descend upon the Capital to let the legislators know how they feel.  Mayors can be a thorn in the side for these lawmakers who are seeking reelection, and they should use their offices to point out who deserves oblivion.

The legislature has always been somewhat unkind to cities in their deliberations.  I think it is because most city politicians are so busy trying to deliver services.  Filling potholes and having the fire department arrive on time are full time jobs.  The legislators just don't see it that way and it is sad.  I think the Counties fare much better in the legislature because they are more politically active in the legislative game.  Also, they are somewhat invisible and the media pays little attention to them because it is easier to beat up on a visible Mayor in some city.  How many people know who their county manager is?  It is harder to scrutinize five county commissioners than it is one Mayor.  Laziness in the media once again.

I would hate to see gridlock in the special session, but this might be the time to take a stand on tax fairness.

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