Tuesday, March 30, 2010

City Screwed

I think Mayor Berry is right in calling the state Transportation Commission on their ban of the use of traffic light cameras on state roads.  Berry is now insisting that the state take over the law enforcement responsibilities on those roads in Albuquerque.  If the state doesn't do it then they are endangering lives and mistreating taxpayers in the city and county.  I don't like those cameras much myself, but they have had an overall positive law enforcement affect, if not exorbitant fines.  Sometimes state bureaucrats mindlessly do things that affect other governments.  So does the legislature.

I remember when the state highway department told the city to finish the job  on the new Big-I interchange.  They refused to landscape it and sure enough the city got to ante up the funds up to do it themselves under Marty Chavez.  (They did a good job) I am glad now to see Mayor Berry, a former republican legislator, pushing back a little.

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Anonymous said...

Chalk one up for a republican. Thanks Jim.