Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We spent St. Patrick’s day in Montevideo just walking around the old area of town which is just a few hundred feet from where we docked.  We did not see any green beer, but we saw green chile in a market.  Last night on the Veendam at dinner they had green chile corn chowder and it tasted like the real deal.
The reason for spending time in this city can be summed up in one word.  Architecture!  One of Bobbi’s degrees is in Architecture so I had a personal guide.  There is every kind you can think of in this old city.  Venetian, Art Deco(my favorite), modern boring 50’s stuff, and what I think is the ugliest building I have ever seen which was made uglier by putting a cell phone tower on top of it. 
Most of the buildings are lovely though.  I have to say that the people here are great too.  They would stop to help you get to your destination if you were looking at your map.  There were tourist aides on every corner too.
We had perfect weather….about 72 and sunny!

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