Friday, March 19, 2010

Buenos Aires Day Two

We spent our second day in Buenos Aires bumming around with Rachel Sanderoff.  She took us down a secluded alleyway near the Congresso to her apartment.  This place really does resemble Paris.
This city has a motherlode of street trees.  I think that is one thing that makes the city so attractive.  Some trees are bigger than others.  They hide some of those buildings that are kind of ugly. 
We leave Argentina this evening for another stop in Uruguay.  Punta del Este should be an interesting place.  

We actually got to watch the Lobo Game on the ships cable system last night.  Actually, we fell asleep before it was over because we had been partying a little.

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Summer said...

Hey, don´t party that much that there is a lot to see and you can{t miss it since is a once in a lifetime experience. You are so right about BA, it resembles Paris in a spectacular and magical kind of way. No wonder they call it "the Paris of South America" It carries this European style like any other city in Latin America. Even its citizens are mostly Italian descendants. Last year I also had a buenos aires apartment near Recoleta and I visited the cemetery. Architecture was magnificent and I had the best time.