Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bobbi wrote the blog today.

Paraty is a proposed UNESCO World Heritage site well known for its cobblestone streets.    The architecture in the historic area has very little alteration.  Paraty was abandoned twice in its history.  Originally it served the gold trade route until a nearby road to Rio was built and then as a coffee route until the railroad was built.  Paraty (pronounced pa rah CHEE) was not accessible by road until about 1970.  Thus the great architecture.  As we arrived the cobblestone (very large stones) streets were beginning to flood with the high tide.  They were designed to wash the streets of waste.  The colors were so vibrant in this town where the  Free Masons had a great deal of influence.  After walking around for about 2 ½ hours we stopped for some Cachaca tasting.   It is a strong liquor derived from sugar cane.  Then to restaurante Arapoador, we were the only ones in the restaurant for the most AMAZING meal of local shrimp and fish.  A fantastic day.  

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