Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We spent the day in Ilhabela, one of the larger islands off the coast of Brazil.  It is a getaway for residents of Sao Palo and its flora and fauna are highly protected.

I have noticed in Brazil that the churches here are not near as opulent as in Europe and other places.  Perhaps taking care of other things was more important than spending most of the national wealth on God. 

The churches are quite understated and charming.  Somewhat like New Mexico.   Ilahbela was founded just 8 years before Albuquerque.

We visited water falls and watched local ski over wet rocks and then do flips into pools of jungle water.

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Anonymous said...

i like to read your blog for your perspective on new mexico business and political issues. but i have to say that i've appreciated the sharing of your photos from your vacation. it looks like you're both having a wonderful time! thanks for sharing! :D