Friday, March 05, 2010

When is a Tax New? and Misc.

Everyone in the media and the right wing says we have new taxes now that the Legislature passed about $230 million in levies.  But these can't really be said to be new in the strictest sense.  The legislature cut these same taxes, along with the Governor over time since 2003.  The Governor proudly points to the fact that $1 billion in taxes were cut including the food tax.

So now we are in very difficult times and the lawmakers and Governor have done what the Congress and President have failed to do, raise taxes to help balance the budget.  They have acted responsibly overall in getting the budget in order.  Certainly the return of some food tax is a blunder and should  have had a sunset provision.  Hopefully, the Governor will veto that part of the bill and call the lawmakers back into session to find other revenue sources later in the year.

The media is on to another 'easy' story concerning politics.  They are trying to embarass democratic Congressmen and women into giving  back any money that the now disciplined Representative Rangell gave them from his PAC in years past.  What a non story.  But it is easy to do because it requires no work and takes up column inches.  I guess democratic congressman are supposed to be able to look into the future and discern if some one who donated might get in trouble.

Five days and counting now to our South American Cruise.  Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires and back with many stops in between.  We have our walking shoes broken in and packing lists sitting on the night stand.

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