Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Day

We had a great time after entering the harbor in Rio De Janeiro.  We did not stay in the city to see the regular sites, like the Christ the Redeemer statue that watches over everyone.  He was currently wrapped in steel scaffolding since he could not redeem himself from mold and mildew in the humid tropics.  

We did go to Petropolis about 60 miles outside of Rio.  It was cool and pleasant there as we visited the “Imperial Museum” built by Brazil’s second King, Peter II.  It was a great museum.  

You had to wear special slippers which polish the floor as you walk around.

Finally, we say a fond good bye to our dinner mates on the cruise.  Greg, Beatrice and daughter Savannah were fine Canadians from Toronto.  They own a very successful trucking company.  They were fun to be with because like most Canadians they are rather liberal in their views.  They were constantly incredulous about the lack of  healthcare for Americans and were very congratulatory when Obama signed the bill this week.

This was a great cruise.  It was not for those who want to stop in world class ports on every shore leave.  Rio and Buenos Aries are fantastic, overcrowded and polluted but the small undeveloped towns we visited were rugged, basic, friendly and educational.

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Roland P said...

Love your observation about Christ the Redeemer statue not being able to redeem himself from mold and mildew! Thanks for the laugh. Your trip seems great. Thanks also for the photos.