Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The City of Albuquerque's budget is as bad as I predicted it would be and Mayor Berry's administration is the one that has to deal with it.  City residents and city employees just need to pony up to this situation which is the culmination of over spending by Mayor Marty Chavez and his councils and the general meltdown in economy.  It will be the most harrowing budget year ever.

I will be gone during the Democratic pre primary convention.  Just remember that the delegate votes for the candidates mean very little to the eventual outcome of the Primary elections.  The Lt. Governor's and Land Commissioner races will be interesting to watch at the convention.  But once the delegate voting is over and counted it is meaningless and the real campaign starts.  In every pre primary nominating convention in which I was a candidate I came in last in delegate votes and then I won the primary. Those conventions are nothing more that knife fights.

We are leaving in early afternoon for Atlanta and our flight to Rio de Janeiro.  We cant wait for some warmth after that cold front roared through here last night.

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New Mexican said...

The knife fight (pre primary) serves to limit the number of persons on the board. Having too many on the primary ballot can be real destructive. So this knife fight is needed. I am a delegate and think I know who I will cast my ballot for Sat. But not 100% sure.