Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Shipping Containers.  Let me tell you about shipping containers.  After five cruises around the world we have decided there is one or two shipping containers for every living soul on this planet.  There seems to be hundreds of acres of them stored in every port, and outside every port.  Half the existing smelted steel in the world must be made up of steel shipping containers.  If their use becomes obsolete then we can shut down every iron ore mine in the world and just throw all the containers into the furnace.
They could also be converted for housing.  They could be used for many things.  But mostly they sit around waiting their turn to get on a ship.  Which might take decades after seeing all of them stacked up around the world.
Our sail away from Paranagua last night was breathtaking as you can see from the photo.


Anonymous said...

The World is a beautiful place. And all those tankers you see are a sign the world economy is at a standstill.

Anonymous said...

people have already started converting some of those shipping containers as well as garbage dumpsters (the huge trailer-size bins) into multi-purpose spaces. some places i've read use them as road-side vendor stands, some use them as makeshift housing, and some use them for other unconventional things like above-ground swimming pools (the bin is lined of course!).