Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in the USA

It is always nice to get home and take up a routine again.  Especially after a high energy vacation.  We pretty much lazed around all weekend and ate  home cooked meals.  We caught up on the news as much as possible.

We now enter the last 8 weeks or so before the political primary elections and things are shaping up pretty much as expected.  I had always felt that Governor  candidate Doug Turner on the Republican side would be the only threat to Diane Denish in the General election in November.  His wise early spending on billboards and TV is showing its effects.  Allen Weh, the Iraq war profiteer and bush worshiper is also expending money and is showing some strength.  He is the kind of candidate that needs the tea party types to get anywhere and they seem to me to be rudderless.  Their captain, Sarah Palin, thinks the world is flat and 6000 years old and she will lead them over the edge.

I had numerous phone messages from candidates seeking money.  I am retired now and won't be giving huge amounts any more.  I think the funding outlook for most of the candidates is not good because of the economy.  The big givers will be the oil and gas industry and they will work mightily against democrats.  Remember the New Mexico republican party is run by oil and gas executives who want no regulation and unbridled and untaxed profits.

Things didn't change a whole lot in the last few weeks while we were gone, except for the fact that Obama has found his stride, passed health insurance reform and got a victory.  Now, if he would just insist that the Department of Interior get rid of the bush appointed State BLM directors everything would be find.  Those directors are not following the wishes of the administration and they need to be transferred to other places.

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Avelino said...

Great photos Jim, looks like it was a wonderful trip. Glad you had a good time and that you returned home safe. From what I understand, you missed all the crazy weather, and hopefully you can enjoy spring!