Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In my Nyquil induced stupor I looked at today's date in numeric form and was surprised some fringe group had not seen an omen or conspiracy in it.  I have been suffering from a pesky cold for the last four days.  I  haven't had one in about four years so I have become reacquainted with the side effects of cold medicines.   That stuff you squirt up your nose to relieve congestion works well, but it sure brings on the nose bleeds.

We can put the computer power of a early mainframe into a smart phone but we can't stop colds from occurring.  It is hard to believe that little tiny viruses still rule us.  And they always will it appears.  We can no more eradicate them than we can the crazies who go around killing innocent people, although we could make the gun laws a lot more stringent.  That is where the real conspiracy is. The NRA does a good job of teaching gun safety but then supports handing them out willy nilly to insane people.  Once again, I am a gun owner and former NRA member who thinks things have gotten out of hand.

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