Thursday, January 06, 2011

Big Business and APS

Can you believe it?  The Chamber of Commerce in DC pours tens of millions of dollars into right wing candidates who will lower taxes on Corporate America in every way.  Soon America's CEOs could soon be in charge of our schools.  Case in point is the Albuquerque School Board approving leases for the corporate media giant Clear Channel to put electronic billboards on school grounds in return for some money to help run the schools.  It is ingenious.  It used to be they would pay taxes to support the schools but now they take that same money saved from low taxes and make a deal with the schools in Albuquerque to turn their campuses into advertising platforms.  Damn!  Life is too short.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

More and more pervasive. They'll get us used to this. Eventually it will get into the churches. Never say never. Remember when the Olympics were purely amateur? Now athletes are walking billboards.

Out here on the road, you walk up to a urinal in a truck stop and there's a little advertisement staring you in the face. In the stalls, too (although those don't last long.) And this all comes from pretty much the same crew that wants to be in your bedroom supervising your most personal activities.

They'd get bored and fall asleep in my bedroom.